Get FileName of a DOC?

Does anyone know how to get the filename of a UCCX document?



DocumentVariable = DOC[ExampleName.xml]


How do find out the “DocumentVariable” Filename as a string variable value?

i.e. the Filename = “ExampleName.xml”


Use case. The Document is a parameter which can be set in the application admin.

From the script, I would like to know the filename of the DOC.



UCCX SQL Query For Current Logged in Agents on a Certain Team

Does anyone know of a SQL Query that will help us see all current logged in agents for a specific teams? We are converting to UCCE from 3x UCCX clusters and were site gathering now. We have a bunch of different teams and we would like to perform SQL queries to gather this information. Queries we are interested are below.


  1. SQL Query for outputting the current count of logged in agents for a specific team.
  2. SQL Query for outputting the current agent ID’s of all logged in agents for a specific team.
  3. SQL Query for outputting the total count of configured agents for a specific team.


Any help with the following SQL Queries would be very helpful for us. I’ve been playing around with some queries but can’t get the output I wanted.



CSQ removed from UCCX 8.5 stuck in Real Time Report – Supervisor Desktop

Hello – I recently removed a CSQ from UCCX. Call flow works properly etc. but the Old CSQ is still visible in Supervisor Desktop and appears, stuck in time.  Any advise on how to clear this is appreciated.


Hello all,

I’m looking to write a CCX script that can route calls based on the calling number. E.g. If Calling number 3034117911 call to the CCX trigger the script check the Calling number and route that call to a certain Resource Group or Agent every time, if the agent is not available queue it in the default queue. I know how to do this on inidivual based Calling Numbers but the problem i am having is that i have a pool of 160,000 + numbers. What would be the easiest way to accomplish this?

UCCX simple Holiday check with time of day.

We have a call center that closes early on some holidays so I was in need of adding a time of day check to my holiday check, but I was struggling to find an answer on the internet. I started experimenting with a way to add the time of day check to the holiday check. I ended up working out a different way of doing a holiday check that does not use and XML document. To me the script seems much cleaner and I am able to add a time of day check to it. It is also clear in the script what days are holidays without having to reference a second document. I am not sure why more people do not use this method is there something I am missing. I have tested it and it works perfectly. Below is how I built the script. Now bear in mind this is a sub-script referenced by the actual call group script.

I started by creating two variables.

Date | string | “”


todayIsAHoliday | Boolean | false      This matches the same variable from the parent script that will play the holiday message.


Then the first step in the script is a “set” step.

Set date = D[now]        This is used to make sure the date shows in an easy to match format.


Next I use an “If” step where I list out the days that are holidays using (date == “11/26/15” || date == “1/1/16”)


If true I use the “Set” step to set todayisaholiday to true.


If false I go to another “If” step where I list out the days the call center closes early. If it is true the it goes to a time of day check for open hours do nothing and the rest set todayisaholiday to true.


False does nothing and then the script ends.


This logic is much shorter and simpler than reading an xml doc and then doing an increment loop to hit all the holiday entries.


Detail Steps AQM Installation and Integration

Hello everyone,

I joined this community because I’m looking for a complete guide to install and integrate AQM with UCCX and CUCM, the AQM topic is new for me and I’m lost with the official documentation.


I will appreciate any help you can provide me.



Christian Gonzalez

Make REST Call – Get



Im trying to figur out have to format my output from a REST (json) get i UCCX11.


the REST call works fine – im getting the output in response:




“requrestSessionId”: “1324fde-3453ed-3423789”,

“requestTimestamp”: “2015-11-23 01:01:01”,

“requestIscompleted”: true,

“requestIsMissingData”; false



Have do i put the data in variable i CCX script.


Best regards

Thomas Johannesen

UCCX Scripting – Agent redirect caller to trigger


Two of our customers are requesting this functionality (on UCCX 8.5 & 10.5):

– A call arrive to an agent through an UCCX script
– Agent has to transfer the customer to another agent (e.g wrong skills)
– Agent puts the customer on hold
– Agent calls a trigger where there is another script
– In the script we select another agent (most adapted) in a CSQ
– First agent complete the transfer between customer and second agent.

Could you please let me know if this is something allowed and if yes, how to do that?

We want to avoid hunt group to target the second agent. (to be sure he will be available)

Many thanks in advance


UCCX: How to remove a language directory with special characters in Prompt Management?





Applications / Prompt Management I have a directory with special characters that I would like to delete. When I try to delete the directory I get :


Access Denied

Unified CCX does not allow special characters because security protocols restrict their use. Click the Back button in the browser to perform configuration


Do I really open a tacl to this ???

License requirement for agentstats api call

Hi folks,


I tried issuing the call below to a 9.0(2) UCCX with the results shown below as well.




Status 412

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ standalone=”yes”?><apiErrors><apiError><errorData>IVR_ENHANCED</errorData><errorMessage>Requested resource is not licensed</errorMessage><errorType>NotLicensed</errorType></apiError></apiErrors>.


The UCCX instance currently runs on CCX Enhanced license. Are there other license requirements for this particular API call for UCCX?