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We know that focusing solely on price will cost you in the end Many businesses view inbound and outbound call center services as a commodity, choosing a provider based solely on price. At MCCS, we refuse to compromise quality. You don’t succeed in the call center services business by selling a “commodity” product, but by offering a superior one, and that’s exactly what we do.

We invest for success and it’s our clients who come out ahead

We maintain the lowest agent-to-supervisor ratio in the contact services industry of 10:1 versus our competitors’ 20:1 ratio. It’s an investment proven to pay huge dividends for our clients time and time again with:

  • Lower costs per sale
  • High conversion rates
  • Higher quality sales with longer lifecycles
  • Lower cancellation rates
  • Consistently higher customer satisfaction scores

We provide a wide scale of contact center services:

Sales support activities

  • Telesales campaigns
  • Lead generation, setting appointments
  • Pre-sales services
  • Up-selling/cross-selling campaigns
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Soft collection
  • Database management

Marketing support activities

  • Digital Marketing: Social Networks Management
  • DM/e-DM campaigns follow up
  • Market research
  • Support of promotional campaigns
  • Database managements, consent collection
  • Planning and execution of CRM programs
  • Database REFRESH program

Customer Service solutions

  • Management of Customer Support Digital Channels
  • Information lines
  • Inbound sales activities
  • Help-desk and support activities
  • Click-to-call, click-to-chat solutions
  • Complex customer services

How we measure success

We stand out from most companies that offer outbound or inbound call center outsourcing, because we measure success in cost-per-sale, not cost-per-hour. Other on- or off- shore service providers may come in with a lower cost-per-hour than us, but you get what you pay for.

Our agents are better trained, more closely supervised, and highly motivated. They’re supported by better account management and superior technology. At the end of the day, we make more sales-per-hour and require fewer hours to hit goal. The bottom line? You can go with the lowest rate-per-hour provider for your inbound or outbound call center services, but if your agents aren’t using that time to make sales, it’s money down the drain.

Increase Customer Satisfaction & Better Customer Service

We operate globally and provide Native Services for your needs

We’ve watched many call center outsourcers move their services offshore, and we’ve seen their customer experiences go downhill. By keeping our call centers in the countries that we serve, we actually increase customer satisfaction. In fact, MCCS delivers higher first call resolution (consumers’ issues are resolved within one call), which leads to higher satisfaction ratings, and ultimately, customer retention.

About Us (MCCS)

Our company (MCCS) is headquartered in the United States with offices throughout  Europe.  We are a very flexible cloud technology based support center that provides high quality multilingual services (40 native languages including Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Greek, Polish, Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian, Russian, Romanian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Turkish) with  over 400 agents in Hungary and more than 15000 agents around the globe. Our cloud-based systems and excellent quality processes enable us to employ and manage our workforce remotely, including home-based agents (domestic or offshore). One of the biggest benefits of our model is that we revolutionized virtual work and we can easily scale up and down resources (be it inbound or outbound process) at a competitive price according to your needs. For more information you may refer to the links below