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UCCX simple Holiday check with time of day.

We have a call center that closes early on some holidays so I was in need of adding a time of day check to my holiday check, but I was struggling to find an answer on the internet. I started experimenting with a way to add the time of day check to the holiday check. […]

Beware: Callers Getting Defensive About Selling Tactics

Beware: Callers Getting Defensive About Selling Tactics December 01, 2015 This past summer, the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) and cloud call center innovator inContact reached out to call center leaders, asking them the same set of questions that they had asked of consumers in an earlier study. The results were, to say the least, […]

Detail Steps AQM Installation and Integration

Hello everyone, I joined this community because I’m looking for a complete guide to install and integrate AQM with UCCX and CUCM, the AQM topic is new for me and I’m lost with the official documentation.   I will appreciate any help you can provide me.   Regards Christian Gonzalez

Five-Year Plan Looks Good for One Industry

November 24, 2015 If you’re in the contact center business, good times are coming. That’s the gist of a new report that looked at the industry for the next five years out, and projects a growth rate of nearly ten percent across the board. “Business enterprises worldwide have become increasingly dependent on various technologies and […]

Make REST Call – Get

Hey.   Im trying to figur out have to format my output from a REST (json) get i UCCX11.   the REST call works fine – im getting the output in response:     U”{ “requrestSessionId”: “1324fde-3453ed-3423789”, “requestTimestamp”: “2015-11-23 01:01:01”, “requestIscompleted”: true, “requestIsMissingData”; false }”   Have do i put the data in variable i […]

The Right Tools Make the Job Easier

November 19, 2015 It doesn’t really matter how good you say your company is; the real proof comes when someone else says it. Validation from outside sources is what makes others in the industry stand up and take notice. So it was with understandable pride that inContact, the leading provider of cloud contact center software […]

Good News for Contact Centers

November 12, 2015 A new report about the use and efficiency of cloud-based contact centers confirms what those in the industry already suspected: Business is strong, and growing. The study from survey firm Research and Markets queried cloud contact center leader inContact among others, and came up with some interesting statistics in its findings. To […]