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Is Your Contact Center Falling Short?

January 05, 2016 As if high employee turnover and disgruntled customers weren’t enough, a new study finds that call centers are facing new challenges as the New Year rolls out. That’s the word from Consero Group, an international leader in creating industry-specific events for senior-level executives. The company just published the results of its look […]

Even Outsourced Centers Need to go ‘Omni-Channel’

December 31, 2015 As contact centers continue their reach-out to make themselves all things to all customers, one idea getting a closer look is that of becoming “omni-channel.” While many call centers like to consider themselves multi-channel – that is, offering numerous options and ways for customers to reach them – they need to consider […]

Call Centers Striving for Higher Quality

December 29, 2015 One of the biggest buzz-phrases set to take the call center industry by storm in the New Year is ‘Quality Management.’ While many within the industry already consider themselves adept at making sure quality remains high, there are further steps everyone can take to make sure that’s the case across the board. […]

Empirix, inContact Join for ‘Better Sound’

December 22, 2015 It doesn’t matter how quickly an operator picks up a customer call in a contact center. If the voice quality if less than stellar, an agitated customer will fast become a disgruntled one. That might be one reason why cloud contact center leader inContact has joined forces with Empirix (News – Alert) to […]

Call Center Leaders Primed to Move

December 17, 2015 A recent report from research giant Frost and Sullivan (F&S) has shown that total revenues from hosted/cloud contact center solutions in North America have already surpassed on-premises product revenue in terms of annual spend for this year. That’s good news for those in the cloud contact center space, but there is still […]

Cloud Contact Center to the Rescue

December 15, 2015 In the world of “materials handling”, time really is money. If you can’t get the requested products to an anxious customer in a timely fashion, you’ve not only lost the sale but probably lost a customer for life, as well. That may be one reason why a major facility expert and materials […]

Sportswear Maker Now Able to Answer the Call

December 10, 2015 With the Christmas holiday shopping season in full swing, retailers are seeing a crushing load of calls to their contact centers. Those that prepared for the onslaught will see the results when the shopping eases. Those that didn’t prepare will pay the price. One company that saw a need and tackled it […]

When Outsourcing, Choose Your Workers Wisely

December 09, 2015 It’s a given in the industry these days that call center agents can make or break a relationship with a customer. Customers usually call when they’re unhappy about something, and their conversation with the agent can either leave them feeling like they just spoke with someone who really cared, or feeling like […]


Hello all, I’m looking to write a CCX script that can route calls based on the calling number. E.g. If Calling number 3034117911 call to the CCX trigger the script check the Calling number and route that call to a certain Resource Group or Agent every time, if the agent is not available queue it […]